Five Basics Of Web Development For Beginners: "AKA Craft Conf Giveaway Participation"

Five Basics Of Web Development For Beginners: "AKA Craft Conf Giveaway Participation"

For anything, there must be a starting point. It is the same with web development. It will be much easier to make visible steps if you know where to begin because you will be able to observe your progress by looking back at the steps you’ve made.

In web development, patience is crucial. Particularly early on. You're unlikely to value the rewards for the number of hours you'll spend learning web development when you start.

So here are the five steps to help you on your developer journey.


Learn basics of how the Internet and websites work

To become a web developer, you must first understand how the internet and websites work. You wouldn't know what to make or how to make it if you didn't have the knowledge. If you don't understand the concept of the internet, you won't understand why websites are created.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Now that you've done your homework on websites and how they work, it's time to master the fundamentals.


The foundation is to building what HTML is to web applications. It is used as the base document for creating web applications.


CSS is to web applications what makeup is to humans. It is the feature that attracts customers and piques their interest in seeing more. A customer will not pay for a product that does not appeal to them visually . CSS is responsible for this.



Most websites use JavaScript libraries, which make use of every trick in the language to provide functionality. JavaScript improves web pages by making them more interactive.

Libraries and frameworks


Frameworks save a lot of time, hence they’re very important for your web development journey. They enable you to speed up your work flow hence accomplishing more with fewer lines of code. Examples of frameworks are like jQuery, React.js, and Bootstrap


Git is like a code tracker. It allows you to keep track of every change you make to your codebase and helps keep multiple developers' versions of the same code in sync and up to date.

When you first create your GIT server file and add your changes. You save your changes to the repository.

If a third party checks out that repo and pulls the most recent changes. Then he adds some stuff and commits it to the repository. The repo will let you know the file exists and save your changes as version ‘b’ of the same code.

Learning git will enable you to work in sync with other developers.


GitHub is a website that provides free repository hosting. It's essentially a git online storage service.

It is an excellent location for an open source project. As a beginner in web development, this is where you can share your code and receive feedback and assistance.

So it’s important for you to learn Git and GitHub

It can be frustrating at first, but remember that consistency is key. When you encounter a function that does not function or code that does not run, it is either because you misunderstood the concept or because the code was written incorrectly. The computer is extremely stupid; it only does what you tell it to do. It doesn’t make assumptions.

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